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Our goal at Criterium-Lalancette & Dudka Engineers is to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them. Here is what some of our clients have had to say about our services:

Mr. John R. Canaan, NH

"This was the best house inspection we've had!"


Mr. Dan L. Rutland, VT

"Criterium-Lalancette came highly recommended to me by a friend. When I used them for a home inspection of my first house, I immediately knew why I was told they are the best. From the very first phone call to the end of the inspection report, the service I received was second to none. Everyone I interacted with was professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Alan Mitchell, who performed the inspection, was patient and willing to answer any questions I had. He made me feel very comfortable and pointed out some crucial parts of the house that needed attention. I cannot say enough about the service I received. This company is top notch and worth every penny I paid for the inspection. Thank you so much for everything."


Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Hubbardton, VT

"I am very happy with the set up process. Scheduling was easy. Morgan was extremely helpful when I was making my appointment. I knew I wanted a good thorough inspection, but when the tests started adding up I started to question the necessity of all of them. One of the tests I wanted to skimp on was a radon test. I told Morgan I didn’t think I needed one because the house didn’t have a basement. Morgan took the time to educate me about radon and convinced me to get it. Well, the test came back and the radon was over three times the EPA recommended level. Had I not listened to Morgan, my family would have unknowingly been exposed to a carcinogen for years. I am so grateful for that.

The inspection was really great. The guys answered any questions I had and if they weren’t sure about something, they took the time to figure it out. They were friendly and handled an anxious realtor well. The report and maintenance plan are simply awesome. It was comprehensive and easy to read. My in-laws loved the report. They said they wished they had received one when they built their new house. My dad (who is not easily impressed) was very impressed with the report. He wasn’t able to visit the house or come to the inspection, but he felt very comforted with it. I also really liked the guy’s “fatherly advice.” I was very excited to buy this house and might have signed away my approval sooner had the guys not told me to relax and wait until I got all of the tests and the entire written inspection back, which I did and I was glad for it."


Trevor L. Rutland, VT

"I recently purchased a home in 'as is' condition knowing it had a few problems that would need to be addressed. After getting the home in livable condition and taking care of the obvious issues, Criterium performed an inspection to help figure out what the next moves should be. Rick Lalancette came over and shared an incredible amount of insight and knowledge. At least five times during the inspection I was thinking... 'How did I not see that?' In the inspection report he itemized the more important areas to focus on immediately, what to expect in a few years, and what to look out for in the future. It was exactly what I was hoping for."


Mr. and Mrs. Roger R. Fayston, VT

"1) I felt the company was very honest, reliable and committed to doing the very best job they could for the customer.

2) The written report was very comprehensive, clearly written, and covered all aspects of the house. All questions were clearly and patiently explained during the survey. It was extremely helpful to get your advice on how to repair deficiencies in the house.

3) I think the projection for a one, five, and ten year maintenance plan was very useful to a new home buyer or the present owner.

4) After the survey, it was clear you took great pains to answer all my follow up questions. I never felt rushed during the survey itself, or after with follow up questions about the report.

All in all, I feel I got the best service I possibly could at a fair price. Thank you for doing such a good job."

George N. Norwich, VT

"Alan spotted a portion of the lawn, 30 yards from the house that looked particularly wet/green. He stuck his finger in, smelled it, and told me it smelled of sewage. Later that day the seller checked with the town and the septic was in failure. 10 days later I returned and that spot was dry. Alan saved my family from an economic disaster!"


Jennifer H. Wallingford, VT

"Rick's team spent over four hours inspecting an old farmhouse dating from the late 1800's and its barn, both from bottom to top, for me. As the daughter of a mechanical engineer, their thoroughness and knowledge impressed me greatly. Rick patiently answered my many questions, and gave me a crash-course education in construction, housing systems, and how to maintain and care for them. Having only previously owned apartments, the education he provided me with sets me up to care for the house and barn to honor the family that built it and farmed from it for over a century. He spotted issues, gave me an understanding of what needs to be done to address them, gave me a sound basis of information so I can prioritize repairs, and threw in some sound Vermonter advice. I recommend Rick and his team without qualification, and am honored to be joining the community of which they are a part."