Marie Curie, War Hero

When you think of Marie Curie you probably think of her as a famous scientist and the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. And if you’ve been following us for a while you might recall that the unit of measure for radon gas is named in honor of her, the picocurie (pCi/L).

But did you know she was also a patriot, humanitarian, and a hero of World War 1? Madame Curie is responsible for the invention of the “radiological car” (also known as a Petite Curie) which enabled x-rays to occur right on the battlefield. Not only did she come up with the concept, she also raised the funds necessary to build the prototype and 20 more cars. She also trained 150 women on basic human anatomy and how to operate the x-ray equipment. She herself even learned to drive in order to assist on the battlefront.

It is estimated that 100+ million wounded soldiers received x-rays during the war thanks to her efforts.

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