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The Top 10 Construction Forensic Services Companies: Criterium-Dudka Engineers Earns Recognition

Criterium-Lalancette & Dudka Engineers proudly announces its sister office, Criterium-Dudka Engineers, has received recognition as one of the Top 10 Construction Forensic Services Companies by Construction Business Review. Criterium-Dudka Engineers has received this prestigious acknowledgment due to their expertise in addressing complex water infiltration and building deterioration challenges across various property types, including suburban condominiums,….


Paving: Proper Maintenance is Essential

When was the last time you thought about your parking lot? The honest answer most likely is, not in recent memory. We know it’s not a question of out of sight–out of mind, parking lots are highly visible. However, they aren’t very interesting. As a result, paved areas don’t always get the maintenance attention they….