Why You Should Hire an Engineer Versus a Building Inspector

For every real estate transaction that you are involved in, chances are as part of the due-diligence process, you are hiring a building inspection professional to look at the property prior to closing. This is a helpful and valuable service that is routinely recommended to buyers and may be required by lenders. However, if the inspection is not done objectively and carefully, it may lead to major issues.

Whether you need a commercial inspection, residential inspection, or the gold-standard property condition assessment, a building inspection is a critical step in the process, and you need an experienced expert on your side.

The term “building inspector” is often a self-issued title and, with the exception of a few states, there is very little regulation in this rapidly growing industry. On the other hand, Professional Engineers are licensed by the state in which they practice, and have:

  • completed an accredited, degreed engineering program.
  • four years of work under the direction of other engineers.
  • passed a comprehensive two-day exam.
  • a code of ethics and state law to practice only in areas where they are qualified.

Professional Engineers Can Save Time & Money

By law in most states, only a licensed, Professional Engineer is permitted to render an opinion as to the structural integrity of a building. A building inspector may be qualified to find the symptoms that a building presents (a crack in the foundation for example), but they then must suggest the consulting services of a licensed, Professional Engineer for further evaluation. This can be an expensive and time delaying addition to the inspection process. Hiring a building inspector who is a licensed, Professional Engineer in the first place can save you additional consulting fees and valuable time.

Professional Engineers Are Insured

Another important aspect is that licensed, Professional Engineers maintain comprehensive professional liability insurance with nationally recognized insurance carriers. As licensed, Professional Engineers, we strive to deliver on our promises. In the event of an error or oversight, having professional liability coverage means we have the financial means to back up our work.

Professional Engineers Are Legally Accountable

The most important quality is the accountability as Professional Engineers. We stand behind our work and are legally and ethically accountable.

Whether the property you are looking to purchase is a single family home, a condominium high rise, or a hotel, engaging with licensed, Professional Engineers will give you the peace of mind that you are getting the most professional advice available.

Our inspectors are licensed, Professional Engineers with years of building-related experience. They are further trained to provide building inspections and must participate in peer review and continuing education programs. Our building inspection reports provide a detailed summary of our findings, highlighting building strengths as well as any identifying weaknesses or potential problems. Our reports also include a photo log and maintenance plan. We clearly explain a building’s condition, so our clients can make confident, informed decisions about their purchase.

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