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Exhaustive Inspection

An Exhaustive Inspection includes a Standard Inspection plus invasive testing such as drilling holes in walls, disassembling mechanical equipment, etc. (as approved in advance by you and the property owner). The purpose is to gather as much available and relevant information about the property as possible. This more extensive inspection goes beyond the available visible evidence and provides a more thorough analysis, giving you the opportunity to learn as much as possible about the building. Is an Exhaustive Inspection right for you?

Things to consider:

  • No building is perfect, what is your objective with an Exhaustive Inspection?
  • The inspection and the report typically take two weeks or more to complete.
  • The inspection is invasive and requires advance written authorization from the property owner.
  • The buyer and/or seller must arrange for work to be performed, which may include opening walls or exposing areas not otherwise visible. We are not responsible for demolition, repair, or restoring finishes.
  • This inspection is intended to provide information not otherwise available during a Standard Inspection or to provide further investigation when a Standard Inspection reveals evidence suggesting unseen problems.
  • The scope of an Exhaustive Inspection is determined by an on-site visit and discussion with the buyer; not all systems are necessarily subject to invasive investigation.
  • The objective of the Exhaustive Inspection is to test all related components of a system (windows, electrical devices, etc.) and to examine an adequate sampling of areas not otherwise visible, by physically revealing those areas through invasive disassembly.
  • Mechanical equipment included in the Exhaustive Inspection, will be disassembled to reveal all components relative to the performance of that equipment by a properly trained and licensed technician.
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