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Capital Needs Assessments

A Capital Needs Assessment is intended to assist owners, land trusts, etc. in maintenance planning for multi-family housing projects, office, rental, industrial, health care, hospitality, and mixed use properties. 

Criterium-Lalancette & Dudka Engineers certifies that we meet all of USDA Rural Development Vermont/New Hampshire “Capital Needs Assessment Statement of Work Qualifications.” 

The scope of our service includes:

  • A review of the condition of siding, roofing, ventilation, chimneys, caulking, and other important conditions related to the exterior of the building.
  • A thorough site review to assess the adequacy of drainage systems, exterior lighting, and other relevant site conditions.
  • A thorough inspection of the interior of the building to establish an understanding of the quality of workmanship and materials, and to identify any conditions that might be relevant to the ownership of this property for the long term.
  • A review of construction for compliance with drawings, specifications, and good construction practices.
  • A report discussing the current condition of the facility including a maintenance plan and budget.

 The report includes: 

  • A review of the structural condition of the property and identification of any maintenance/repair needs. 
  • A review of the condition of the mechanical and electrical systems and related maintenance/repair needs.
  • A review of the condition of the exterior finishes including roofs, siding, caulking, and other important conditions related to the exterior of the buildings.
  • A review of the site area conditions and other common maintenance items.
  • A recommended maintenance plan identifying the repairs that will likely be required, and when, over the next twenty years.
  • A preliminary budget (based on current dollars) for the recommended twenty year maintenance plan, which will aid in developing an appropriate reserve fund. 

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