Testing Services by Criterium-Lalancette & Dudka Engineers

Test KitsIn addition to inspection services, Criterium-Lalancette & Dudka Engineers also provides full service environmental testing. This is an independent service using certified laboratories and products chosen according to credentials, reliability, and timeliness.

Our services include:
•Total Coliform Bacteria Water Test
•HUD Scan Water Test
•Recreational Water/E. coli Test (seasonal-June 1-Sept 1 only)
•Inorganic Chemicals plus Total Coliform Bacteria Water Analysis (recommended)
•Combined Inorganic Chemicals before Water Treatment Equipment Water Test
•Volatile Organic Chemicals Water Test
•Synthetic Organic Chemicals Water Test
•First Draw and Flush Lead and Copper Water Test
•Electronic Continuous Monitor Radon in Air Test
•Radon in Water Test
•Gross Alpha Water Test
•Radium 226 and 228

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Radon Testing

The EPA, the Surgeon General, and the American Lung Association recommend that all homes below the 3rd level be tested for radon gas since long-term exposure to radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

Call Criterium-Lalancette & Dudka Engineers at (802) 747-4535 to schedule a Radon test.


Water Testing

We offer water quality tests including The Coliform Bacteria Test and the Combined Inorganic Chemicals Test. Criterium-Lalancette & Dudka performs these tests through certified laboratories.

Call Criterium-Lalancette & Dudka Engineers at (802) 747-4535 to schedule a water test.


More Information

Additional information and resources can be found on this page.  Call us at (802) 747-4535 with any questions about our testing services.


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